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There are also some PV modules exempted from clause 301
There are also some PV modules exempted from clause 301

On September 17, the US Trade Representative Office (USTR) announced three notices of the list of tariff-excluding goods to China. According to Section 301 b of the US Trade Act of 1974, Sections 301 c and 307 a, and the recommendations of the Inter-Agency Committee on Article 301, the US Trade Representative announced the removal of tariffs on 310 of these commodities. The statement said that the decision also referred to the "advice and opinions of the advisory committee and the public on the relevant tariff exclusion products."

These 310 products are mainly for various types of electromechanical instruments, equipment and components, including pump turbines, electric equipment, engines, lifting equipment, medical equipment and optical equipment of different types and uses. Different from the previous ones, the list covers three batches of Chinese goods declared by the US, including some of the PV modules included in the second batch of the announced $16 billion tariff list. Also included in the list of tariffed goods exclusion.

The description of the PV modules included in the $16 billion tariff removal list is as follows:

As can be seen from the list of exempted tariffs, about one-third of daily necessities include LED lamps that are closely related to the daily lives of Americans, lighting accessories for gardens, courtyards and desktops, composite wood flooring, and coffee. A cup that brews with its own filter, a portable single-use grill, a dog harness, and more.

The PV module products, which are exempt from customs duties, are less than 3,100 cm2 and should be lighting accessories for the American public gardens, courtyards and desktops.

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