• solar inverter for water pump
    1KW to 55KW solar inverter for water pump
    Solar pump inverters manufactures in China Bluesun solar can provide DC solar pump system and AC solar pump system. Good reasons for you to choose solar pumping system 1 Solar pump is a pump running on electricity generated by solar panels. 2 Easy installation and maintenance 3 Be good in remote areas( without electricity) for irrigation and drinking water. 4 Can work together with city power and generator Materials for whole solar pump system      Solar Panel                                                                   Pumping Inverter                       Pump                       DC Combine Box                                                                            Mounting structure                  PV Cables                                          Solar Pump Inverter and Pump Inverter for pump                                                                       Pump Inverter Power: 11kw                                                                   Pump Power: 9.2kw                                          Max. solar input power: 16kw                                                  Daily Water Flow: 80 - 148 m³ Max. DC input voltage: 750V                                                    Water Head: 80 - 160 m     Adapting Motor Voltage: 3PH 380-440V                          Pump Enclosure Class: IP68 MPPT Efficiency: 99%    Package for solar pump inverter: Projects made by Bluesun Solar:    Customization service is okay, please feel free to contact Carol, the head engineer of solar pumping system Email: Whatsapp(wechat): 0086-132 0569 8582
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    Growatt 1000-3000W Single Phase Grid-Tie Solar Inverter
    Growatt 1000-3000W Single Phase Grid-Tie Solar Inverter
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  • Grid-Tie Solar System Micro Inverter 300w
    Grid-Tie Solar Micro Inverter 300w
    Micro-inverter is a device used in photovoltaics that converts direct current (DC) generated by a single solar module to alternating current (AC).  Micro solar inverter contrast with conventional string and central solar inverters, which are connected to multiple solar modules or panels of the PV system.
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