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Daxing International Airport is put into operation, and PV will welcome the moment of high light!
Daxing International Airport is put into operation, and PV will welcome the moment of high light!

The 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Beijing Daxing International Airport was officially put into operation on the eve of the 10.1 birthday.

General Secretary Xi Jinping announced that Daxing International Airport was officially put into operation! On September 25, 2019, the operation ceremony of Beijing Daxing International Airport was held. General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping attended the ceremony and announced: "Beijing Daxing International Airport officially put into operation!"

Nowadays, with the official launch of Daxing International Airport, this super-large airport with golden luster shining under the blue sky is like a phoenix spreading its wings, attracting the global attention with a smart attitude. This large-scale international airport with first-class design and first-class construction incorporates the elements of traditional culture and incorporates various elements of modern civilization. It combines the beauty of classicism with the essence of modernity. For the use of modern civilization, the use of electricity, the use of a large number of solar power generation technology, a deep fit to reduce carbon emissions, practice the green development of the era of the main theme. It is reported that as one of the world's few super-large aviation integrated transportation hubs, Daxing International Airport adheres to the concept of green construction and utilizes various energy sources efficiently. The total renewable energy accounts for about 12% of the total annual energy consumption of the airport. The airport with the highest proportion of renewable energy is known as the “green new country”. 

The solar elements of Beijing Daxing International Airport are understood to be aimed at implementing the concept of green construction and green development. The use of renewable energy in Beijing Daxing International Airport has mainly introduced solar solar power generation, shallow geothermal heat, sewage source heat, flue gas waste heat and other categories. . It is reported that the total construction scale of Daxing Airport Cargo Area and Beiyi Runway PV Project is 5.61MWp, and the first phase construction is 4.1MWp. The total length of the grounding ring network of the first phase of the project reached 5.5 kilometers, 13,000 solar modules were installed, 57 inverters, and 43 kilometers of cables and cables were laid. The Beiyi Runway solar Project in the flight zone is the first solar system built around the runway in China. It is also the closest solar system to the runway in the world. The boundary of the PV module is only 150 meters away from the centerline of the runway.

According to reports, on September 19, six days before the operation of Daxing International Airport, the rooftop distributed solar project has been successfully connected to the grid for power generation. This makes Beijing Daxing International Airport have a solar system that is located near the runway in the world and the first flight area in China. Annual power generation is about 6.1 million kWh, saving 1900 tons of standard coal. The distributed solar system of Daxing International Airport is smoothly connected to the grid. It is expected to provide 6.1 million kWh of green power per year to the grid, equivalent to saving 1900 tons of standard coal per year. Tons of carbon dioxide, reducing 14.5 tons of sulfur dioxide, and simultaneously reducing emissions of various types of atmospheric pollutants. The first megawatt-scale solar power station project in the civil aviation industry actually increases the proportion of renewable energy, realizes green power generation, and uses green energy. The installation of distributed solar system at Beijing Daxing International Airport can be used for reference.

In 2014, the experience of the solar power generation project of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport West Freight Zone was accepted and officially connected with the Hongqiao Airport West Power Grid to become the first megawatt solar power plant project in China's civil aviation industry. According to the forecast data at the time, the solar power station can provide about 1600 kWh of electricity for Hongqiao Airport, accounting for about 0.7% of the daily energy consumption of Hongqiao Airport. The installation of distributed solar in 10 domestic airports is not completely calculated. So far, about 10 airports in China have installed distributed solar projects with a total scale of about 36MW.

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