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The first stop of the New Year's exhibition | Bluesun Solar shines in the Middle East Energy Dubai 2020
The first stop of the New Year's exhibition | Bluesun Solar shines in the Middle East Energy Dubai 2020

From March 3rd to March 5th,  the 2020 Middle East Energy Dubai was held at the Dubai World Trade Center as scheduled. At the first stop of the New Year exhibition, Bluesun Solar joined hands with the latest solar products during exhibition.

The booth has been designed and constructed with meditation, and adopts corporate standard colors as a whole. The simple and generous design has attracted the attention of many customers.

In this exhibition, Bluesun focused on the needs of the Middle East market, focusing on photovoltaic umbrellas, Bluesun's own brand inverters, and Perc 9BB monocrystalline half-cell solar modules. The Middle East market has sufficient sunshine and has the natural advantages of developing photovoltaics, but the unique natural environment also places strict requirements on the quality and performance of photovoltaic modules. Compared with ordinary modules, the Perc 9BB half-cell solar module that Bluesun is focusing on this time exhibits maximum power output, with an output power of up to 410W. At the same time, it also has outstanding sand resistance, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for use in harsh environments such as deserts, coastal areas, and water surfaces. It will definitely become a weapon for developing the photovoltaic market in the Middle East.

At the same time, single crystal 500Watt modules, photovoltaic energy storage systems (ESS), etc. also achieved very good display results, and many customers stopped at the booth to cooperate and exchange.

With the steady growth of international trade in the Middle East, more and more international companies and manufacturers have joined this hot land. This exhibition is of great significance to Brno, not only highlighting the charm of the Brno brand, but also allows BNO components to be promoted to the Middle East market and effectively promote the global strategic layout.

Globalization is not a new term for Buno. Since its inception, the Brno brand has decided to enter the global market. Up to now, Bluesun Solar's global production capacity has reached 5GW, with shipments exceeding 6GW, and a sales footprint in more than 150 countries and regions around the world. In the future, Brno will continue to increase its investment in the global market, providing better product quality and professional customer service.

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