Solar Panel Roof Mounting Systems
Reasons You Should Install Home Panels Now
Reasons You Should Install Home Panels Now

There are many advantages that solar energy has to offer over traditional sources of energy. Not only it is completely renewable but is also protects the environment. Here are some of the advantages of solar energy.

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Solar is a proven technology.

Currently, there are 47.1 gigawatts of total solar capacity installed nationwide, so it’s safe to say solar is a proven technology and that its adoption as a source of clean energy will continue.

Solar works in many climates.

Many people believe that solar won’t work in colder climates. That’s NOT TRUE. Solar panels actually work more efficiently in colder temperatures because excessive heat can reduce the output voltage.

Solar energy benefits the whole electricity grid.

Around the world, excess solar energy can be used by the conventional utility grid, reducing the burden on the whole.

Solar panels have a long lifespan.

Solar panels are quite durable and can withstand even harsh weather conditions, including the impact of hail up to one inch in diameter. Only 1-in-20,000 solar panels are ever returned.

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