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Bluesun Integrated International Photovoltaic Exhibition debut in Japan
Bluesun Integrated International Photovoltaic Exhibition debut in Japan

In March 1st, Japan International Solar Energy Exhibition in 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the 2017 PV EXPO) at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center from around the world, many PV brands participated in the exhibition, the exhibition has become one of the best platform to develop the world's second largest solar market and growing solar market in asia. The world's leading integrated photovoltaic manufacturer Bluesun the high-profile debut of this exhibition, the polycrystalline efficient component products and industry application received wide attention of the Japanese market.

Since the establishment of integrated Bluesun attaches great importance to the development of overseas markets, after nearly two years of market cultivation, overseas market development made a breakthrough. The integration of technology, brand, product Bluesun has gradually gained market recognition, in the United States, Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, the Middle East and Africa on the market are actively expand sales channels, the annual sales volume is expected to significantly enhance the overseas market.

The exhibition products are Bluesun black silicon / double glass / N type main component, wherein the black silicon components compared to conventional component color more uniform in appearance, while the black silicon suede is more conducive to the absorption of light, increase light receiving area, the mainstream power grade rises about 5W.

White double glass components exhibited by design without borders, without grounding, therefore the design mechanism to eliminate the PID; 1500V system pressure, reduces the loss of the initial investment and the total cost of the system (0.27% loss, reduce the loss of power stations to enhance efficiency of PR more than 2%), LCOE, power and over 30 years warranty the project is suitable for large ground / coastal areas / PV roof project.

The N module can increase the power generation of the system by using the incident light on the back side, and the power gain per unit area is 5%~30%. Compared to the conventional P type 2~2.5% component of light attenuation, N almost no LID components, power output power can guarantee better, gain more power; another N battery has the stronger weak light spectral response, light absorbing components longer, to enhance the power of all power generation, enhance the power gain. The temperature coefficient of the component of low temperature coefficient of traditional P type 0.4%~0.5% type N battery pack temperature coefficient is less than 0.4%, which is the best choice for high temperature area. Compared with the conventional single glass component, the working temperature of the N module is lower than 5~9 DEG C, and the heat dissipation of the double glass component is better. N double sided battery has a unique advantage in the area of perennial snow cover, water power station, agricultural greenhouses, photovoltaic curtain wall, building integration, highway sound insulation wall, etc..

Comprehensive industry analysis data show that in 2017 the global PV installed capacity is expected to be 68GW, of which China 28GW, the United States 11 GW, India's 9 GW, Japan's 6.6 GW, the EU's 5.2 GW. Japan as the world's major energy power, and its heavy dependence on energy imports, the shortage of resources in Japan has been actively developing solar energy, solar energy technology is an important part of national development policy in japan. The Japanese economy and industry, using a variety of measures and projects, the development of the country's photovoltaic industry and capacity, including the "sunshine project", "5 years of photovoltaic power generation technology research and development plan" and "residential photovoltaic system promotion plan". According to statistics, the market share of solar products in Japan has reached 30%, second only to Germany's 39%. The Japanese government has been on the policy of universal access to the use of solar cells. Since 1994, the payment of 900 thousand yen /KW grant, the amount close to half of the system price. This system was discontinued in 2005, but from 2009 onwards, the Japanese government resumed the solar power generation subsidy system for family use, for Chinese solar energy export enterprises, is undoubtedly a good opportunity to enter the Japanese market.

Bluesun vice president Hu Huiming said, the Japanese team members are from first tier manufacturers, has extensive experience in product sales and photovoltaic industry and the Japanese market, people from different countries are at least two languages, although the establishment of a short but strong communication skills, for the Japanese market in Bluesun and lay a solid foundation, make important contribution.

Bluesun has a strong independent R & D team and Industrial Application Research Institute and other scientific research platform, we can break through the efficient battery technology components and storage, to create more efficient storage and assembly of products, leading the market direction, Bluesun solar system as an integrated supplier, is committed to providing differentiated solutions for customers, at the same time looking for the distribution and development of high-quality partners active in Japan, hope to "the promotion of photovoltaic power generation and storage system model together to provide users with more perfect energy solutions, to create and meet the broader energy demand, make contributions to promoting the sustainable development of global new energy.

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