Renewable Energy Power
Solar panel knowledge

1. What is the roof installation form of distributed solar panel power generation system?

There are mainly horizontal roofs, sloping roofs and solar panel roofs. among them:

The horizontal roof glazing array can be installed at the optimal angle to obtain the maximum power generation, and the economy is relatively good, but the installation method is generally aesthetic.

Sloping roofs can be used to mount PV arrays in the northern hemisphere to the south, southeast, southwest, east or west roofs, and can be installed at an optimal angle or near optimal angle on a sloping roof facing south. Solar panel lighting roof refers to the building element with transparent Solar panel cell as the lighting roof. It has good aesthetics and meets the needs of light transmission. However, the Solar panel lighting roof needs transparent components, and the module efficiency is low. In addition to power generation and transparency, the module cost is high and power generation high cost.

2. Tile (W), dry tile (KW), MW (MW), and Gigawatt (GW). The watt is the power unit, the degree is the energy unit, and the power multiplied by the time is the energy. 1GW (giwa) = 1000MW = 1 million KW = 1 billion watts.

Bluesun has 2mw project, 500kw off-grid system project, 15kw on-gird system project

3. What are the characteristics of distributed Solar panel power generation?

Distributed Solar panel power generation has a relatively small output power generation;

No pollution, no noise;

Can alleviate the tension of power consumption to a certain extent;

It can be used for self-use or sold to the grid.

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