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Sell solar panels and batteries for furniture, which is a big deal for IKEA in Britain
Sell solar panels and batteries for furniture, which is a big deal for IKEA in Britain

As early as 2013, IKEA began trying to sell solar panels in British stores, and by the end of the 2016 year, all the stores in IKEA, England, had been able to buy them.

In August 2nd, IKEA announced that, in addition to solar panels, they would also start selling batteries in the uk. These batteries can be used with existing solar panels, and can also be part of a new combination of home solar panels and battery storage systems that IKEA has been selling. It is reported that the price of household batteries is about 3970 U. S. dollars.

Home batteries save electricity from solar panels for a rainy day. IKEA said that by means of storage, the British family can double the amount of solar power, to 80%, electricity costs can be reduced by as much as 70%.

It is understood that, in the UK, private solar power generation exceeds the amount of their own demand, you can sell the remaining power to the national grid. IKEA said the average British household will consume only 40% of solar panels, and 60% of unused solar power will be sold back to the national grid.

(map from: FT Chinese network)

First, the sale of IKEA solar panels supplied by China hina group, Hienergy is settled in IKEA's first third party brand stores. But after November 2015, when the two sides closed, IKEA reached a joint venture with another solar company, Solarcentury. At the end of 2015, Britain began cutting solar subsidies, but IKEA decided to invest and continue to sell solar panels.

IKEA is not the only company to explore in the solar sector. Tesla, for example, bought the solar panel company SolarCity in November 16

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