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Research shows that the UK's photovoltaic installation has increased by 82% year-on-year!
The UK Micro Power Generation Product Certification Scheme (MCS) recently stated that the installed capacity of photovoltaic systems installed in the UK in 2023 will set a new record, marking the best year in the country's renewable energy industry history.

The installed capacity of photovoltaic systems and heat pump equipment installed in the UK certified by MCS has increased by 62% compared to last year.

Driven by the continuous growth of installed capacity of photovoltaic systems, the installed capacity of photovoltaic systems in the first half of 2023 increased by 82% compared to the first six months of 2022.

Compared to the same period in 2022, the installed capacity of photovoltaic systems in the first quarter of 2023 increased by 114%. MCS confirmed that the UK installed more than 120000 certified photovoltaic modules in the first half of this year, which is the highest number installed so far.

This broke the record set by the UK in 2012, when many household users were eager to install photovoltaic systems before the UK government cut its subsidy plan for grid electricity prices.

In addition, 2023 is the first year when the average monthly installation quantity of photovoltaic modules exceeds 20000. If the growth in the number of installed photovoltaic systems and heat pumps can continue, according to analysts quoted by MCS, nearly 250000 households in the UK will install these renewable energy facilities by the end of this year.

This growth means that the UK currently has 4GW of small-scale renewable energy power generation facilities.

2023 is also a hopeful year for the UK battery storage system market (which was included in the MCS installation standard at the end of 2021), with monthly installations breaking the previous month's installation record.

At present, the number of battery energy storage systems certified by MCS in 2023 is 1000.

MCS CEO Ian Rippin said, "We are pleased to announce that the UK is expected to become the strongest year in history for the installation of certified small renewable energy technologies, and renewable energy investments for households or businesses are playing an increasingly important role in decarbonization of buildings in the UK.

With the continuous increase in energy costs, we are seeing more and more household users turning to renewable energy technologies, generating electricity and heating themselves at home. We need to continue promoting this expansion to achieve the UK's goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. More consumers now than ever have the confidence to invest in small-scale renewable energy, but we must make this transition easier.

This is why MCS is currently considering feedback from contractors, consumers, and industry experts to redevelop the plan and eliminate some of the complexities in the renewable energy industry. We continue to maintain year-on-year growth, and it is important for us to focus on future development and take time to reassess how we support the development of the renewable energy industry.

Gareth Simkins, senior communication consultant at the UK Photovoltaic Industry Association, added: "This spring, we expect to have 215000 MCS certified photovoltaic systems. However, this is clearly underestimated. We can now confirm that it will reach 250000. Installing photovoltaic systems on residential roofs is one of the best improvement measures that household users can take, and more and more people are realizing its economic and environmental benefits.

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