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Philippines launches largest photovoltaic irrigation system
It is reported that Philippine President Marcos personally launched the largest photovoltaic irrigation system in the Philippines on June 10.

The investment scale of the photovoltaic irrigation system project reached a staggering 65.7 million pesos. At the project site, people can see neatly arranged solar panels, with a total of 1,056 panels installed. They convert solar energy into electricity through the photoelectric effect, providing a steady stream of power for the entire irrigation system.

It is understood that the system can provide up to 740 kilowatts of power support for two large submersible pumps. The two submersible pumps are extremely efficient and can pump up to 13,000 gallons of water per minute, providing sufficient irrigation water for 350 hectares of farmland.

The Philippine president said that the Philippine government will continue to increase its support for renewable energy projects such as photovoltaic irrigation and promote their popularization and application across the country.

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