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Off grid solar System: Solving the Problem of Power Supply in Remote Areas

Off grid solar system is used in remote areas far away from the public grid. It has a wide range of uses, from residential electricity, traffic lights, communications, emergency power supply and so on, to solve the problem of power supply in remote areas.

1 km off-grid solar system,10km off-grid solar system,20km off-grid solar system is mainly used for residential electricity consumption, generally composed of several Solar panel. The design requirements of the bracket are as follows:

1. Lightweight materials: Off-gird solar systems usually have to cross mountains and ridges to reach users. In order to facilitate transportation, weight reduction is the first condition. Therefore, the application of aluminium bracket in Off gird solar systems has significant advantages.

2. Material thrift: The average cost of small system bracket is relatively high. How to save material on the premise of structural safety is the requirement of bracket company.

3. Easy to install: The type and quantity of installing tools must be minimized. In some areas, such as Tibet, China, herdsmen need to migrate regularly, and the supports are as easy to load and unload as possible.

4. Adapt measures to local conditions: The installation site of each Off gird solar systems project puts forward different requirements for the bracket. Engineers should fully consider the geographical environment and the needs of users when designing the bracket, and can not simply copy the past design.

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