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4.9GW photovoltaic system was installed in Germany in the first three quarters of 2022
According to the data released by the Federal Network Administration, the German energy regulator, Germany has installed 4.9GW of solar systems in the first three quarters of 2022, an increase of 21% compared with 4.02GW installed in the same period last year. By the end of September 2022, Germany has installed 63.4W photovoltaic systems in total.

Although Germany has been committed to the transformation of renewable energy, in view of the energy shortage in the EU caused by the Russian Ukrainian conflict, as one of the countries that most rely on Russian natural gas supply to meet their industrial sector energy demand, Germany's energy supply has been affected seriously.

Since 2018, the installed capacity of photovoltaic systems installed in Germany has grown rapidly and steadily, and is committed to leading the transition to renewable energy.

Bundesrat, the German Federal Senate, approved a law recently. According to the law, by 2030, renewable energy power generation will reach at least 80% of Germany's total power generation. By 2030, the photovoltaic system that should be installed in Germany will reach 215GW, which means that 22GW photovoltaic system will be installed every year.

The installed capacity of photovoltaic bidding in Germany will also increase significantly in 2022, reaching 3.6GW so far, almost twice the capacity in 2021. However, Deutsche Bundesburg claimed that in the bidding of 1.126GW photovoltaic project as of June 1, the subscription for photovoltaic bidding was insufficient, and only 116 photovoltaic projects were submitted, with a total installed capacity of 714MW.

In September this year, the European Commission approved three additional measures and provided financial support for Germany's development of renewable energy in accordance with EU national aid rules. One of the measures is that all bids can be made at the prices offered in the event of insufficient bids. The second measure is to ensure that power generation facilities can obtain market premium on the basis of market price due to the constant change of electricity price. As part of the third measure, Germany will conduct another round of large-scale bidding for ground mounted PV and roof mounted PV in 2022, and will introduce financial incentives for consumers investing in small roof mounted PV systems.

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