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2021 World Manufacturing Convention Kicks Off In Hefei, Anhui

On November 19, the 2021 World Manufacturing Conference opened in Hefei, Anhui. This conference focuses on strategic emerging industries, promotes the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, cultivates new technologies, new formats, and new models, and jointly promotes the high-quality development of the global manufacturing industry. During the period, the "hard core" technology that was unveiled together was favored by many visitors.

From the water surface, the ground to the industrial and commercial roofs, from Asia, Europe to the Americas, Hefei supplies solar modules to all over the world. As a technology trading company focusing on the photovoltaic field, Bluesun Solar Co.,Ltd located in Shushan District, has brought Hefei manufacturing to all over the world.

"In addition to the main products such as photovoltaic panels, solar charge controllers, photovoltaic inverters, energy storage batteries, etc., in recent years, solar bags and solar umbrellas have been developed, expanding from industrial-grade products to consumer-grade products." Mr Dai Xijun, the general Manager of Bluesun Solar, introduced that the company's products are currently exported to more than 100 countries overseas, with stable agents in Vietnam, Thailand, Yemen, Ukraine, Poland, and Brazil.

In this exhibition, from the perspective of market access and tariff levels, China is promoting a high level of opening up of the manufacturing industry, which will further increase the scale of foreign capital utilization, allowing more foreign-funded enterprises to share the opportunities in the Chinese market and maintain the supply chain While the innovation chain is unblocked, it will promote the high-quality development of the global manufacturing industry. 

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