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Bluesun Solar original household photovoltaic system release, high quality products + active after-sales service impact billion market
In 2016, Chinese photovoltaic new installed capacity of 34 million 540 thousand kilowatts, which distributed photovoltaic new installed capacity of 4 million 230 thousand kilowatts, compared to 2015 increased by 200% (1 million 390 thousand KW), coupled with the high expectations of the distributed PV market on "power development plan", "13th Five-Year", distributed PV especially domestic photovoltaic market space has been fully extended. Vice president of bluesun Solar household photovoltaic systems division president Zhang Bing expected, only Hebei province has ten billion market space, if you look at the whole China roof, a total area of nearly 50 billion square meters, even if only 10% of the distributed photovoltaic roof installation system, bring the market beyond imagination.
Due to the lack of industry standards, domestic distributed photovoltaic market chaos current clusters, low quality goods assembled flooded the market, frequent vicious price competition, the market constantly condemning, how to guide the development of domestic PV market norms, improve the quality and ability of service industry to develop products manufacturers, product and service standards, has become the common focus of industry associations, various manufacturers and the majority of users. Zhang Bing called for more capacity and make high-quality products to serve thousands of households responsibility of the enterprise, TRW is willing to accelerate national photovoltaic industry pioneer, "early times come.
The difference between the original product and assembling system is obvious. Zhang Bing pointed out that a good set of domestic solar power system should have at least the best product configuration, site design, the most reasonable process the most stringent quality control and perfect customer service service, operation and maintenance of security, these are the assembly system impossible. Bluesun Solar relies on big data to build cloud platform, real-time data acquisition system to monitor the power generation system in each user's roof and the efficiency of the situation, the initiative to ensure that the customer's power generation and revenue. Specifically, if the day stop power for 30 minutes, TRW will take the initiative to call the customer and ask the reason; if a quarter of the power generation efficiency was significantly lower than that of other customers will take the initiative to come around, TRW system inspection and maintenance, to found the problem earlier than the customer".
solar power generation system needs professional design, construction technology, and 25-30 years of customer service service, which is also one of the reasons why customers choose bluesun. Zhang Bing, the next 2-3 years, will be in the country to train 10000 TRW engineering professional and technical personnel, the development of 2000 county agents, 30000 township level store service network, real-time monitoring data acquisition and analysis, in the cloud, within 1 hours of bluesun terminal service outlets, to provide the most timely and most convenient service for customer.
According to Bluesun Solar's expectations, in 2017, the average of each county will have 80MW (16 thousand sets of systems) of the domestic PV market size, will bring about 720 million of the market, a huge space for development of dealers. As the world's leading PV companies, Trina Solar to become the world's domestic solar system solutions leader, the certification, certification, Chinese insurance insurance commitment, dealers confidence is more adequate. It is reported that only in March 5th released the same day, there are 58 dealers and Trina Solar home power systems division signed a contract amount of up to 262 million.

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