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What is Libra
What is Libra

A month ago, technology giant Facebook unveiled its lead Libra Association's development plan for the global encryption currency Libra. Over the past two days, Congress is also holding hearings against Libra. So what is Libra? What are the characteristics? What do you think of Libra?

(1) Libra is a digitally encrypted currency that can transfer funds quickly, ensure security through encryption and transfer funds freely across borders.

(2) The biggest difference between Libra and other digitally encrypted currencies is to ensure currency stability and prevent speculation through the issuance of real reserve assets, and to adopt a similar monetary bureau system in order to become a global currency.

(3) Libra uses a licensed block chain led by the Libra Association, which has not yet been truly decentralized.

(4) The Libra Association plays a leading role in the Libra Program, while Facebook plays a leading role in the Libra Association, and the project faces governance problems.

(5) Bluesun has a wait-and-see attitude on the issue of Facebook, but we still use money payment as the main tool. We support credit card Western Union, T/T, Paypal payment.

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