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Ukraine's New President Legislation: Supporting the Solar Panel Industry
Ukraine's New President Legislation: Supporting the Solar Panel Industry

The recently elected President of Ukraine has enacted new legislation aimed at promoting domestic solar power generation through special tariffs.

Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky was elected to the highest office in Ukraine in the presidential election on Thursday. On Tuesday, he signed a new law specifying the installation conditions for household solar panels.

The text was revised in the summer to ensure that up to 30 KW of roof and exterior wall solar panel devices can sell their electricity at so-called green tariffs.

The law stipulates the prices that private housing can expect before 2030, depending on its size and its technical composition, whether it is an independent PV or a combination of both.

In Ukraine, the president's support for domestic solar panel power comes from Ukraine's international position as an upcoming market for utility scale development.

Current pipelines include a series of solar projects in Scatec Solar - 336MW - Acciona and UDP Renewables, which were announced in July last year.

Last year, Solar Panel capacity in Eastern European countries was 2 GW, but now Wood Mackenzie is expected to install 6.6 GW between 2019 and 2024.

According to the consultancy's forecast, Ukraine should be a member of the global solar "growth engine" in the next year, because it launches 1-5 GW a year.

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