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Talesun Solar & Bluesun Solar 500MW Signing Ceremony

Recently, the general manager of Talesun Solar Co., Ltd visited Bluesun Solar Co., Ltd Headquarters. Daixi Jun, the general manager, had an in-depth discussion with Talesun Solar on the development of the international photovoltaic industry in the future, and signed a 2022 500MW strategic cooperation agreement.

Dong Shuguang, President of Talesun Solar, said: Since its establishment, Talesun Solar has always been adhering to the business philosophy of'mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win', and is committed to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers. This time the two parties reached a strategic cooperation in 2022. It can make full use of Hefei Bruno's advantages in overseas photovoltaic development resources, operation and management, and Talesun Solar's rich experience and management advantages in the field of module R&D and production, photovoltaic project development and construction, and achieve mutual benefit, complementary advantages, resource sharing, and win-win development target."

Dai Xijun, general manager of Bluesun Solar Co.,Ltd said: We are very honored to have reached a new round of strategic cooperation with a world-class photovoltaic module company such as Talesun Solar. With Talesun Solar's high-efficiency photovoltaic modules and a comprehensive service network, we will accelerate the world Photovoltaic market layout. In 2022, we will fully enter the integrated business of photovoltaic, storage, charging and discharging systems,15-30kW household energy storage machines, pack energy storage integrated machines, industrial and commercial container energy storage solutions integration, research and development of BMS in March 2022.  The EMS basic test has been initially completed, and the first phase will be put into production in June 2022. We will make every effort to promote the global integration of integrated business, project investment and design, and work together with Talesun Solar to develop and build higher-quality and more competitive photovoltaic projects.  To continuously create value for the photovoltaic industry."

At present, Bluesun Solar has provided efficient and differentiated photovoltaic products and solutions for more than 180 countries and regions around the world. In the future, Bluesun Solar will cooperate with more high-quality enterprises for mutual benefit and win-win, and jointly build higher quality and more competitive of photovoltaic power plants, contributing to the development of global green energy.

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