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Silicon wafer "Big" Characters Take The Lead
Silicon wafer "Big" Characters Take The Lead

In 2019, there is a big change in the size of silicon wafers. After many years of 156.75mm domination, the "big size" silicon wafer chaos is being staged.

The logic of cost reduction and efficiency improvement of large-size silicon wafers is that increasing the size of the silicon wafers allows the product to have a larger light receiving area, thereby increasing the power of batteries and modules produced per unit time, and allocating other equipment, labor and other costs per Wp Reduced, system costs are reduced.

There are currently three types of large-size silicon wafers: 158.75mm, 166mm, and 210mm.

The 158.75mm size is a large-size silicon wafer widely used in Bluesun Factory production lines, including layouts for Vietnam projects, Middle East power stations, and US roof projects. In addition, this year, some Tier1 photovoltaic suppliers have successively launched 166mm and 210mm products, and have made great efforts in capacity. The outer diameter of a 166mm silicon wafer is 223mm, and the outer diameter of a 210mm silicon wafer is close to 300mm.

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