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More Than 3GW double-sided solar application experience, LONGI teach you how to achieve better power generation gain
More Than 3GW double-sided solar application experience, LONGI teach you how to achieve better power generation gain

The low attenuation and high gain of the product itself further enhance the value of the double-glass component, and the double-glass solar panel has become one of the standardized products of today. So on how to achieve a better double-glass power generation gain in practical applications? The "Soul Question" about double-glass technology is here!

How To Choose The Double-Glass Solar Panel According To The Specific Application?

Under the condition of good surface reflection, double-glass solar panels are preferred. double-glass modules are more suitable for large-scale ground power stations and flat roofs (flat roofs are recommended to reflect the surface).

What Double-Glass Solar Panel Does Longi Have?

In 2017, LONGi launched the Hi-MO 2 module based on double-glass technology, becoming the earliest enterprise in the industry to begin to promote PERC double-glass battery technology to products worldwide. In 2018, LONGi launched the Hi-MO 3 module combining double-glass PERC technology and half-chip technology. The reliability of LONGi double-glass products has been verified by time and continues to lead the development of double-glass technology.

In May 2019, LONGi launched the 166-type double-glass half-chip high-power module Hi-MO 4 based on M6 silicon wafers. It also has "double-glass technology", "higher power", and "lower BOS cost". The product pushed to another climax.

What Are The Design Features Of LONGi Double-Glass Components?

The LONGi double-glass module comes standard with a 30mm frame, can withstand a 5400Pa front load, can be installed on the long side, and the short side has no C surface to reduce the shielding of the back light, which is easier to install in practical applications and does not affect the power generation effect of the module .

Longi double-glass module uses uranium-plated grid glass on the back (white glaze fills the gap between the cells in the module), the back glass package has higher light transmittance than the transparent backplane, and the light transmittance changes with time Therefore, the front power and the integrated power are higher, and the double glass packaging technology has been fully verified in terms of reliability since its appearance in 2010.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Radiation (Power Generation Gain) On The Back Of The Double-Glass Module?

The double-glass solar panelmainly uses the reflected light on the ground surface and the scattered light received directly. The influencing factors include:

Ground reflectivity. It is positively related to power generation gain.

Installation height. The higher the height, the better the uniformity of the back light reception, which is positively correlated with the power generation gain. After the height reaches a certain value, the power generation gain remains basically stable.

The proportion of scattered light. It is positively correlated with the power generation gain. Since the scattered light can be directly received by the backside, the backside power generation gain is significantly increased when the proportion of scattered light is high in all mornings, evenings, and cloudy days.

GCR (Ground Coverage). It is negatively correlated with power generation gain, because the higher the array density, the less light is received on the surface.

Latitude. According to the simulation results, latitude will also have a slight effect on the power generation gain, which is positively related to the power generation gain.

What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To In The System Design Of Double-Glass Components?

In the design of the bracket, it is necessary to avoid the direct shielding of the back of the module by the bracket, and in addition, the influence of the cable, the junction box or the string inverter on the back of the module should be reduced.

In terms of installation height, the height of the lowest point of the solar panelfrom the ground is recommended to be more than 1 meter (preferably 1.5m). At this time, the back light will be more uniform, and the preferred height is 1.5m under better surface reflection conditions such as sand.

The working current of the double-glass module is higher than that of the single-sided module (current gain is equal to the power generation gain), so for high-irradiation areas, it is necessary to pay attention to the current carrying capacity of the string inverter or combiner box. Currently, major inverter manufacturers have launched The string-type inverter with matching string current of up to 12.5A and 13A can be matched with double-glass components.

What Are The Proofs That Longi Double-Glass PERC Modules Generate More Power?

The 80MW large double-glass power stations all use flat single-axis brackets that do not block the back of the components, and are matched with Longi 20MW double-glass components. According to feedback, in the first half of 2018, Longi double-glass modules have better performance than other types of double-glass modules, and the power generation of conventional single crystal on flat single-axis supports has increased by more than 15%.

In the 336kW double-glass demonstration project, the Lungi double-glass solar panelis equipped with a 12.5 ° inclined uniaxial support, which generates more than 25% more power than the polycrystalline solar panel+ fixed support.

In addition to the above domestic empirical data, LONGi and third-party authoritative organizations TUV Nande, TUV Rheinland, Electrical Appliance Institute, RETC, etc. have established multiple empirical power plants in different environments around the world, and the double-glass gains in the measured results have met or exceeded expectations.

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