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Keep Up With The Trend Of Consumption Upgrading
Keep Up With The Trend Of Consumption Upgrading

Bluesun Solar Co., Ltd. located in Shushan District, Hefei City, was established in 2013. It is currently the largest export company in the photovoltaic industry of Alibaba International Station and the only supplier of Alibaba International Station with a credit of USD 5.6 million.

"The current annual sales of Bluesun Solar are US$87.67 million, of which general trade declaration exports are US$27 million, and cross-border trade platform exports are US$60.67 million. A total of 1,700 orders have been completed in 2020." Buno Solar’s general manager Dai Xijun told reporters , The market is distributed in Southeast Asia and Europe. The countries with the best brand ownership and sales are the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland and other countries. Among them, some South Pacific island countries have a market share of more than 50%.

In just a few years, a "golden sign" of cross-border e-commerce has been created. What is the secret? "E-commerce way lies in branding and quality. From the first day of business, we insist on using our own brand looking for high-quality foundries, and in-depth strategic cooperation with hundreds of billions of industry companies from 2019 to ensure export high-quality products and be a high-quality cross-border e-commerce company.” Dai Xijun told reporters. “Enriching market supply and tapping consumption potential requires joint efforts by manufacturers and distribution companies to provide consumers with innovative products and high-quality services. Bring a new shopping experience. "Han Bing, the person in charge of the Shushan District Bureau of Commerce in Hefei City, told reporters that quality e-commerce is different from traditional selling-type e-commerce. It penetrates upstream manufacturing and supply chain management, reduces intermediate links, and relies on data technology to improve supply-side changes in market demand. This new e-commerce model focuses on improving product quality and can provide consumers with more cost-effective products."

"If a brand is not supported by high-quality products, then it can only be regarded as a signboard. It cannot be called a brand, and it is impossible to achieve long-term development. Grasping the key to brand quality, we strengthen quality management and continuously improve the quality and technological content of products, laying a solid foundation for the establishment and development of the brand. Sun Yinxian told reporters.

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