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Johnson is Britain's new prime minister
Johnson is Britain's new prime minister

Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was elected Tory Party leader after overwhelmingly defeating rival Jeremy Hunt, the Conservative Party's inner-party voting results were announced Wednesday. After the relevant procedures, he will become the new British Prime Minister.

Johnson is a supporter of free trade between China and Britain. "Free trade will bring prosperity to both Britain and China," he said. "It means that British projects are more accessible to the Chinese market, bringing enormous benefits to London, creating jobs and economic growth."

During his tenure as mayor of London, he stood up and signed an agreement with Chinese developers to introduce large-scale Chinese-funded infrastructure projects at the Royal Albert Pier in eastern London, with a view to reviving the old pier and creating a new business circle.

Public opinion holds that Johnson will continue to urge Britain to strengthen its economic and trade cooperation with non-EU countries, including China, after taking office as Prime Minister.

Regarding the solar industry, the UK solar and renewable energy sector has attacked the government's plans to cut subsidies for solar farms. According to local media reports, the government is expected to review the country's support plan for large facilities in the coming weeks. I hope that Boris Johnson's coming to power will solve the related problems.

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