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Will batteries and solar have a place in Puerto Rico's reimagined grid?

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Will batteries and solar have a place in Puerto Rico's reimagined grid?

Puerto Rico

Even with solar kits and batteries, traditional infrastructure will remain the backbone of the island's power system.

It's been three months since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico and destroyed its electric system. Many residents are still without power with only around 70% of generation back online.

The push to rebuild the island's electric utility infrastructure got off to a rocky start,the government need more time. The work is estimated to be complete by Feb. 28.

However alongside restoration work, you can find that new visions for Puerto Rico's electric grid are emerging. While thousands of linemen from around the country continue to repair the system, the utility industry and government are fighting for developing a longer-term vision for the island's electric system. As multiple concepts come to the table, the challenge will be integrating modern grid architecture while keeping in place some of the basic grid building blocks. The industry work group has developed a plan that builds on the island's last integrated resource plan, many solar installation investment focus on solar and storage.

Of course , while Puerto Rico's grid will be modernized and renewables added, the backbone of the system will remain fairly traditional.

Energy storage, microgrids, distributed renewables and demand response have all moved past the experimental stage and will be included. Stand alone , storage solar power systems are indeed for residential houses. Microgrid solutions for industrial , commercial solar projects are also the main renewable projects.

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