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Solar Sheep

New built 850MW solar power station in Qinghai province show us another view of photovoltaic industry--”Solar Sheep”.

solar system

The above photovoltaic power station, the following cultivation of herbage, not only provided local clean energy, created economic value, but also improved the local ecological environment.

solar sheep

The photovoltaic and aquaculture industry can be raised and raised, and it can also be used for raising sheep, pigs, chickens, milk, beef, and rabbit herbivores.

Besides, Photovoltaics + Agriculture "is a new form of agriculture. It not only solves the power supply problems needed for powering irrigation and irrigation machinery, but also avoids the disputes over photovoltaic industry and agriculture. It also can sell more electricity to the national grid.

Photovoltaic agriculture can be acheived by the solar greenhouse which made by high light transmittance solar panels.

Greenhouses can grow fruits and vegetables, Xi Yin indoor foliage plants, mushrooms, precious herbs and so on.

solar system

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