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Pitched Roof Solar Panel Roof Mounting Systems

Pitched Roof Solar Panel Roof Mounting Systems.

As PV begins to garner more interest from the public, it also draws more scrutiny from building inspectors and fire officials. The success of the PV industry depends on the development of good design practices. PV mounting system designers must understand the factors that limit usable roof area, design an array for efficient use of materials and ease of assembly, and evaluate the structural integrity of the rack and building to ensure a safe and code-compliant installation. Designers must also consider the aesthetics of the array and the potential aesthetic tradeoffs, such as decreased production due to thermal effects. Finally, designers must be familiar with various roof types and existing solutions for successfully installing or integrating PV roof mounting systems on pitched roofs.
From a solar panel roof mount system designer's perspective, nothing is more challenging than a steeply pitched roof with looming chimneys, pronounced dormers and clusters of vents. Factor in a century-old roof structure and a high-end custom roof job, and you are looking at one challenging design project. But with a systematic approach, these challenges can be overcome.

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