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PERC, MBB, Half, Laminate, etc. Investigate the hot solar panel technologies

Perc solar cell (passive emitter and back solar cell technology)

The biggest difference between this technology and conventional batteries is that the dielectric film on the back surface is passivated. The local gold PERC solar panel is used to contact, which can effectively reduce the recombination speed of the back surface and improve the light (passivation emission reflection) on the back surface. At the end of 2018, the global PERC solar cell production capacity is about 70 GW, and the annual PERC solar cell production in 2018 exceeds 55 GW. It is estimated that the global PERC production capacity will be close to 100 GW by the end of 2019, and PERC batteries will further maintain the mainstream status of high-efficiency solar cell products in the next few years.

"Diamond Wire + Black Silicon" Technology

Black silicon technology refers to adding a surface wool making process to overcome the defect of high surface reflectivity and obvious line marks of conventional C technology, which reduces surface reflectivity and improves the light absorption capacity and solar cell efficiency of silicon wafers. Dry black silicon is mainly produced in some first-line solar cell manufacturers at present, such as Jingao, Pinkou and Xiexinji. Chengdu, Medium and Energy Conservation still have market space for further development. The new cost of wet black silicon technology is relatively small, which can achieve 0.3% - 0.5% efficiency.

Bifacial solar cell Technology

Bifacial solar panel is one of the key breakthroughs in solar panel industry in recent years. Compared with conventional solar cell, this kind of solar cell mainly adds two-sided slurry printing and boron doping (such as spin coating, high temperature advance of printing, solid-state source diffusion, etc.). The characteristics of this solar cell are that it can absorb incident light on both sides, thus increasing the power generation of the solar cell and its components. Taking Bluesun's Bifacial solar panel 72cell as an example, according to different actual power generation environment, the back gain is about 10%-25%, and the maximum power generation can be increased by 25%. In recent years, the capacity of N-type single crystal bifacial solar panel has been gradually released.

MBB Technology

The technology uses 12 grid lines to increase the collection ability of grid wires to current and reduce internal losses, and to reduce the shading area and increase the effective light area. The module power can be increased by at least one gear (5W). In addition, MBB is different from the traditional design of main cabinet and welding strip. The 12-gate design can effectively reduce the residual stress of grid wires. Moreover, because of the small grid spacing, the power loss rate of MBB batteries can be reduced even if the batteries are cracked and fragmented, and the power output of MBB batteries can be maintained well.

Laminated solar cell assemblies

Using slicing technology, the designed solar cell slices are cut into reasonable graphics slices. Each slice is superimposed and arranged. Ye joint is made into series, and then laminated into components after series and parallel typesetting. In this way, the batteries are interconnected in a more compact way. In the same area, the laminated module can place more than 13% of the conventional module. Because of the optimization of the module structure, the design of non-welded strip greatly reduces the line loss of the module and greatly improves the output power of the module. It has the characteristics of higher efficiency and lower loss.

Half-cell solar panel

Half-cell solar panel assemblies are connected in series after common solar cell pairs are cut. The current mismatch loss of the solar cell is reduced, the current loss inside the module is reduced, the output power is about 10 W higher than that of the whole solar cell assemblies of the same type, and the hot spot temperature is about 25°C lower than that of the whole solar cell assemblies of the same type.BLUESUN Hot Sale PV Solar Panel Half Cells 410 W.

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