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Chinese component manufacturer supplies all high-efficiency PERC PV modules for large-scale solar panel projects in Ukraine

Recently, Chinese component manufacturers announced that they will supply all high-efficiency single-crystal PERC solar panel modules for the Scythia-Solar-2 33.1MW large-scale solar panel project in Ukraine. As one of the largestsolar panel projects in the region, its construction is of great significance for the development of new energy in Ukraine.

Regarding the perc solar panels, Bluesun has a variety of models including 410w half solar panel, 400w PERC solar panel , and 330w half-cell solar panel.

Since entering the Ukrainian market in 2015, Chinese component manufacturers have been highly recognized for their high quality products and have established partnerships with many local industry leaders, including Scythia-Solar-2 developer UDP Renewables, which is affiliated with UFuture Investment Group, a famous Ukrainian investment group. China Solar's shipments in the region are strong, accounting for more than 30% of the local PV market in the past four years.

Based on the good cooperation relationship with Chinese component manufacturers, UDP Renewables adopts high-efficiency PERC PV modules. The power station is the second phase of Scythia-Solar, the largest new energy project of UDP Renewables. It is located in the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine. The annual temperature difference is large. The components in China have excellent temperature coefficient and anti-PID attenuation capability. Rigorous long-term reliability testing and environmental adaptability testing, with higher reliability and power generation efficiency in extreme weather, can effectively guarantee the stability of customer power generation systems. It is estimated that after the completion of the power station, 42 million kWh of electricity will be generated each year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 51,000 tons, and the annual power generation will benefit 13300 households.

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