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Nigeria’s solar business will fightting in 2018

A US$9.2 billion a year market opportunity for minigrids and home solar PV systems is expected to save Nigerian homes and businesses $4.4 billion per year in energy spending, as well as dramatically improve human and environmental health and safety, according to a market study produced by Nigeria's Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and the World Bank.

“Nigeria offers an unparalleled business opportunity to expand minigrid deployments, rapidly and cost effectively – the best we’ve seen yet over the course of our work in Sub-Saharan Africa,” James Sherwood, a manager with RMI’s Electricity Practice, said in an interview.

The savings are expected as Nigeria rolls out some 1,200 minigrids to serve a projected 200,000 households and 50,000 local businesses, as per REA’s off-grid electrification strategy, part of the broader-based Power Sector Recovery Program.

Hybrid microgrids combining solar, battery-based energy storage and diesel generators are poised to play a central role in the effort to expand clean energy access and enhance grid reliability, resiliency and sustainability.

If you interested in started your solar business, Nigeria is a big market for you in the 2018.

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