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How much impact does MPPT have on system power generation?

At present, the difference between domestic and foreign solar inverters under the same conditions may be as high as 20%. The main reason for this difference is MPPT efficiency.

MPPT is a very core technology of inverters. MPPT voltage is a key parameter in the design of solar power plants. First, let's understand what MPPT is:

The full name of MPPT controller is "Maximum Power Point Tracking" solar controller, which is an upgrade product of traditional solar charge and discharge controller. MPPT controller can detect the generation voltage of solar panels in real time and track the maximum voltage and current value (VI), so that the system can charge the battery with the maximum power output. It is the brain of solar system to coordinate the work of solar panels, storage batteries and loads in solar solar system.

Maximum Power Point Tracking System (MPPTS) is a kind of electrical system that can make solar panels output more electric energy by adjusting the working state of electrical modules. It can effectively store the direct current generated by solar panels in storage batteries and solve the problems of life and industry in remote areas and tourist areas which can not be covered by conventional power grids. Electricity use does not cause environmental pollution.

Among them, the most critical component is the current sensor, whose accuracy and linear error will directly determine the efficiency of hardware, and the sampling frequency of software is also determined by the accuracy of hardware.

The diversity of MPPT technology of inverters brings great convenience to the design of power plants. Combining with reality, scientific design, different terrain and illumination conditions, different inverters are selected to reduce the cost of power plants and improve economic benefits. For hill power station and roof power station, there are some phenomena of inconsistent orientation and partial occlusion, and different Hill occlusion characteristics lead to component mismatch. It is suggested that multi-channel MPPT and dual-stage inverters with wide voltage range can increase the generation time in the morning and evening. It is suggested that single-channel MPPT and single-stage inverters should be selected in areas with flat ground and good illumination conditions, which can improve the reliability of the system and reduce the cost of the system.

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