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Chile: Small solar parks project is in fashion

The November monthly report of renewable energy from Chile's National Energy Commission (CNE) showed that SEA, the local environmental protection department, accepted the approval request of six new solar projects in October this year with a total capacity of 54 MW.

Each project has a capacity of 9 megawatts, meaning that they are most likely ground-based PV plants for distributed generation and will be developed under the PMGD program, designed for medium-sized distributed generation (9 MW and below).

These six projects most likely to be submitted by the same developer, but have the same characteristics through different special purpose vehicles: a planned investment of 12 million US dollars, the use of 40,000 310-420 watts of power components, and four 2.5 MW inverter. In addition, all facilities are located in the Coquimbo area.

The current trend in Chile is that small solar parks are beginning to replace utility-scale power plant facilities. Under the PMDG program, PV plant owners receive a stable price above the spot market, as these prices are calculated by CNE on a medium-term basis. In addition, the program ensures that power stations are automatically integrated into the medium voltage network and that all power is available to the grid. As a result, the number of solar projects currently under planning or connected to the network is on the rise.

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