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Australian small roof solar installed break 9GW

According to the latest data released by Sunwiz, Australia added 156 MW of small roof solar units in June. This year, the total installed capacity is close to 1 GW, with a total installed capacity of 9.04 GW. It is expected to exceed 10 GW by the end of the year.

At present, more than 216,000 households and businesses in Australia have installed small roof solar systems, of which Queensland still ranks first, reaching 2.6 GW, New South Wales and Victoria 2.08 GW and 1.77 GW, respectively.

Western Australia and South Australia have 1.1GW and 1.09GW installed units respectively, but because of the small size of their respective power grids, they are facing more and more challenges with the continuous improvement of roof solar installed units.

Sunwiz also pointed out that 10KW-20KW system installed reached a record level, despite a slight slowdown in home installed, small business installed in all areas are growing.

Bluesun has many small roof systems, including 20KW on-grid system, 5kW off-grid system and 10kW hybrid system.

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