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Solar Cells Technology Route--- HJT Is The Future Of The Solar Cell Technology

HJT is the acronym for hetero-junction solar cells. As a N type mono bifacial cell, it has the advantages of simple process, high power generation and low electricity cost, which is considered as a potential successor to the popular PERC solar cell.

The relatively simple process is a big advantage of HJT cell

According to the prediction of PV infolink, the installation volume of HJT cells will keep rising, it is expected to reach 20GW(yearly), with a market share for over 10%.

At present, HJT demonstrates high solar cell efficiency around 23%(front) , and the back efficiency is the 90% of the front efficiency,  this is mainly due to the difference of shading area between the front and the back(in Figure 7), which is mainly reflected in ISC.

(solar cells technology trends)

Simple Introduction Of  HJT Solar Panel Technology

HJT solar panel is little different to the conventional crystalline silicon double glass module, the difference is mainly in the string welding process. Because the amorphous silicon film is deposited at a low temperature(200°C), the temperature of any subsequent processes should not be exceed this one, so low temperature welding should be taken for the welding part.

Nowadays, crystalline silicon cells generally use infrared welding , the temperature is between 200 and 240℃, the ribbon is always tin-lead-silver. Many low temperature ribbons have appeared in the market, with the temperature of 150-200℃, and the main components are tin-bismuth silver or tin-bismuth, the popular HJT cells welding temperature is 150-190℃, the usage of infrared welding can change the welding temperature by adjusting the proportion of tin-bismuth in the ribbon.

Main Advantages Of HJT Technology

1.Flexible and multiple structures, we can have single-sided HJT, double-sided HJT and back contacts HJT.

2.Ideally suitable for the application of thin sheets.

3.High efficiency and double-sided ratio. This technology demonstrates the ability to achieve 23%-26% solar cell efficiency, compared to 21% -23% shown by PERC technology.

4.Low process temperature and short time, greatly reduce the energy consumption.

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