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The U.S solar panel anti-dumping review released, the rate to 4.2%

The United States Department of Commerce in Taiwan yesterday issued on a battery of anti-dumping preliminary decision makers in Taiwan tax rate, from a minimum of 11.45%, maximum 27.55%, 19.5% other manufacturers, fell to the lowest in 3.5%, the highest 4.2%, 4.09% other manufacturers. Responding to one of Sino US crystal system (Xu Hong, Sun Ke) has the lowest tax rate of 3.5%, Taiwan has the largest production capacity of PERC, another component of brand can complement each other, as the biggest winner. In contrast, the new sun, Tai Chi did not participate in this review, the application of the tax rate of 19.5% last year, can only hope to speed up the production capacity of the difference in the layout of the product in order to play again in third.

According to EnergyTrend observation, because over the past two years, the majority of Chinese line vertical integration to manufacturers have zero tax rate, productivity layout in Southeast Asia, has been in the third polycrystalline product selection and present American large ground station average price has dropped to US$0.35-0.37 / W, and third to zero tax competition capacity, fear not much advantage.

The single crystal, single crystal PERC products a wave of boom in the United States last year after the exhibition, Chinese tier companies began to the United States PERC shipments were lifted in 2016Q4. At present, third single crystal, PERC capacity is still in the climbing stage, the mature zero rate of single crystal PERC capacity count SolarWorld Q-cells, REC Solar, Han Hua is not more than 2GW, making Taiwan in single crystal and single crystal PERC products because of the low tax play slightly.

The single crystal PERC roof type in the United States market still has US$0.38~0.45 / W, to be in Taiwan only if the tax rate of 3.5-4.2%, with its own component shipments will have development space, but if it is to rely on the low tax rate, only for a temporary advantage for efficient battery, will gradually expand the competitive advantage with decreasing third single crystal, PERC capacity, the low tax rate can only become a recent transition.

Looking back over the past few years, Taiwan manufacturers in the past no anti-dumping duties, low anti-dumping duty period have been missed the opportunity to develop brand components, making the company's rapid growth in capacity in third sharp decline in capacity. Not only the downstream development ineffective, recently silicon upstream sources also failed to consolidate, the evolution of efficient battery efficiency, good quality, but still limited profit. In the future, Taiwan manufacturers in addition to thinking about the single crystal and PERC production capacity, efficiency, how to play as soon as possible, the determination of the downstream development also needs to be more resolute. If you only hope to cell also exported to the United States, may be in the assembly to consolidate processing components manufacturers profit, the last Taiwan advantage products PERC battery price cut to the cost line. This tax advantage can not only consider the situation much shorter, but slightly while breathing room to prevent the pattern, it is a pressing matter of the moment Taiwan factory.

EnergyTrend analyst Lin Yanrong said, in addition to the first module manufacturers in overseas PERC production capacity has not been fully mature, the use of Taiwan factory low tax advantage to make more flexible operation, Taiwan factory need to think about the single crystal and PERC capacity and efficiency to play as soon as possible, the downstream development also need more resolute determination, otherwise only hope to to the United States battery, the middle reaches of the profit will still bear the brunt of profits suffered compression. The future, with the conventional module spreads will continue to shrink, the layout of PERC capacity is the key area of the zero tax rate next tier companies development.

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