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Solar Panel Roof Mounting Brackets

Solar Panel Roof Racking Installations System.

Building codes require securing PV Solar Panel Support Structure Systems adequately to a pitched roof 's structural members. Unless the Solar Panel Support Structure material is standing seam metal, where non penetrating S5! clamps are typically used, multiple lag screws or through-bolts have to penetrate the roofing material and sheathing in order to secure the Roof Solar Mounting System. Each of the associated holes is a potential entry point for water into the structure for the entire life of the system.

The liability involved in making holes in someone's roof is considerable. Construction defect litigation is on the rise. At the same time more PV is being installed on new construction and integrated onto ever for solar contractors. The good news is that by using common sense and appropriate materials and techniques, you can minimize your liability and save time and money by eliminating callbacks.

Solar Panel Roof Mounting Brackets

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