Renewable Energy Power
Apple Corp installed 17 megawatt rooftop solar array in Jobs's Dream Garden

On Friday (February 23rd) is the founder of the Apple Corp of Steve Jobs's 62 year old Ming chen. To celebrate his birthday, the company announced on the same day that the new headquarters Apple park will be put into use in April. More than 12 thousand employees will be stationed in six months.

Apple Park covers an area of 175 acres, a huge ring, an area of up to 2 million 800 thousand square feet. The building's 17 megawatt rooftop solar array, one of the largest in the world, will provide up to 75% of the electricity supply during the peak hours of the day, and the remaining $25% will come from other renewable sources of energy.

Prior to the installation of this facility, Apple Corp has been ranked fourth in the solar energy industry association's "Solar Means Business" using the highest ranked list of solar energy companies. According to the report, to the end of the year, Apple has installed four sets of solar facilities, with a total capacity of up to 93.9 megawatts, the power generated enough for a year in charge of 39 million iPhone.

Last month, apple to NV of Nevada Energy purchased a 200 megawatt solar power for the data center using reno.

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